ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Truth, relative and absolute

There are two kinds of truth; relative truth and absolute truth. Relative truth is situational- in other words it may be true in one situation but not true in another.  Absolute truth is something that is true everywhere and in all situations, therefore if something is absolutely true on earth also it will be absolutely true on the planet Mars.  Here is an example of absolute truth:  according to science and scripture all of creation was born out of darkness and  silence, in fact these two aspects of reality is not only the true mother and father of creation in our world but in all worlds.


On the other hand, let us take a closer look at relative truth. In our solar system there are eight planets and each one our eight planets are governed by different scientific laws or different truths, however our solar system belongs to a larger system called the milky way galaxy and our galaxy is made up of many different solar systems with each solar system being governed by different scientific laws or different truths. Mo over, throughout the universe there are millions of galaxies that are governed by different scientific laws or different truths. Furthermore all being on this planet and in all worlds represent a different aspect of relative and absolute truth.  Primarily because all being occupy a different space in the cosmic body of God.  This is what creates individual differences on the human level, animal level, insect level and on and on.  Most  ego driven being can only see and understand relative truth.  Which belongs to the physical world of experience. However most ego driven being cannot understand or relate to absolute truth because absolute truth can only be realized when human consciousness is no longer a prisoner to the thought world. And therefore free of his ego, the human thought machine. Finally, when human consciousness begins to focus on absolute truth more than relative truth, human consciousness then enters the realms of angels and gods; the realm of supreme and superior beings. This is the ultimate destiny of all living being from all over the universe and this is the absolute truth.  Revelations 20:13-15     


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