ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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"The  walking dead"

The walking dead lead a miserable life. They live in physiological and emotional  pain 24/7 because they are cut off from God and disconnected from him.  Therefore the walking dead is a prisoner, a captive, and a slave to the ego, I, Me and Myself state of consciousnesses.  Furthermore, the walking dead are literally buried  alive in the tomb we call the ego. The walking dead  resemble a zombie like spirit that keeps them stumbling and bumbling from one self manufactured  crisis to the other;  Some among the walking dead are fearing death , while others who appear to be suicidal are pleading for death that does not come in some cases. The walking dead are unable to feel the joy, the peace , or the love of God.  The walking dead are literally dead to God, emotionally and psychology, even though God supplies them with life at a minimum just enough to keep their bodies alive, with out his joy, his love  or his peace.  The walking dead are cut off from God like the dead person is cut off from the world.  Moreover, this causes all human sorrow and pain in the walking dead person's life.

The ego, I, Me an Myself creates a barrier or wall between us and God. The ego forces  us to live life at a minimum  rather than the abundant life that Jesus was teaching about in  the gospel of John 10:10. The abundant life of  God includes his love, his joy, and his peace and all God's other promise well outlined in the old and new testament of the king James version of the bible. however  the ego self consumes so much of the life God has given us that  it robs us of the abundant life that Jesus was teaching about in John 10;10. Leaving us empty of God's , love, his peace, his joy and all of his promises. Therefore leaving us dead to God mentally and emotionally.

The walking dead cannot begin the walk toward the abundant life and love of God that Jesus was teaching about without one  first freeing his consciousness from the bondage of the ego self.   Which is the root cause of all human suffering and sorrow. The ego self which is the real devil incarnated and the root cause of all evil and all human suffering. (review previous lessons)

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