ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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No ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?. If any man delfile the temple of God , him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)


             “ And God breathed the breath of life in

                              Man and he became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7)


According to holy scripture and our observable reality,

We are children of life and according to scripture we originated out of the mouth of God. Life therefore is our mother and our father and all of life is God. Our scientist teaches us that life can survive in the hottest , in the coldest and darkest places on our planet and in our universe, but yet life never dies.

It simply moves from one place to another. In other words what we call death is only life leaving one body for some other destination.


The root cause of human misery and suffering happens to us because we mistakenly believe that this life belongs to us and we surrender it only at the time of our death.  This is the greatest lie that has ever been told, for the root of our suffering is because  of this big lie.  Therefore between our birth and our death instead of living our lives to the fullest without stress or pain, instead we live this divine life that God has given us solely in our mental world which is ruled by a false entity called the ego, I , Me and My;

In that false world we are king and lord. Therefore 24/7 this ego which is truly a enemy to life because it

Is constantly throwing our sprit from past thoughts to future  thoughts and all other  thoughts in-between.




Our ego is constantly throwing our consciousness into

Thought’s of what might be, into thought’s of what could have been or should have been.  This kind of existence is true hell. An ego dominated being is never

satisfied with his present condition. Hence, the reason the ego is an enemy to life.  Furthermore, life was meant to be lived fully and totally  and not constantly

thought about as an ego processed life is forced to live. The ego processed life mistakenly believes that this life is ours and like a thief in night this ego has stolen from God with the idea that this life is mine. Again we say, hear in lies the root cause of our pain and all of our fears.  So consequently, the ego dominated consciousness lives in a joyless, loveless world when he was meant to live the opposite. But whenever we focus our consciousness within the moment over an extended period of time, we enter into the Temple of Life, Jesus called it the Kingdom of God that lies within each of us where only peace abides.


My friends one drop of ocean water has all the chemical properties of the entire ocean,  likewise , each one of us who represent a unit of life must also have all of the properties of our God creator.  Therefore each unit of life no matter how small or great has all the love , the joy, the strength within itself to live it’s life to its fullest potential with love, joy and peace following  us like a shadow follows one who walks on a sunny day. My friends, this means no matter how much our external worlds may be removed from what we call happiness or harmony the divine love and joy each of us carry deep within our lives is enough to fill an entire world with love. This why scientists say life can make a  home  in the most hostile and volatile environment anywhere in the universe because of the divine life each unit carries within itself.  The only reason that ego dominated being are not able to experience this abundance of love and joy is because we have been taught to look for love and happiness outside of ourselves in other people and other things.  This is the true nature of our ego, I, ME and MY- this is the only thing that stands between us and God.  When we live an ego dominated life we are living outside of the

Temple of life , we are also living outside of God, hence, the reason many of our lives are filed with

Hate, fear, loneliness and isolation.  This shows us the power that is within the thought that this life is mine because this thought truly cuts us off from God who is the source of all life, all peace and all joy.


The bible teaches us that God is all of these things.

Again I say, God my friends is the mother and father of

Life and we as manifested physical being are his children. Unlike our own children who are not manifestation of us for they too belong to God.  But we are truly manifestation of our God creator.  In reality

We are truly God incarnated in the flesh in all of nature is only a manifestation of God in  many forms.


Therefore, as children of God that means we are everything that God is.  All of creation on this planet and throughout our universe are part of this oneness  of life and God.



In Genesis 2:7, when the writer states the breath of life was breath  into man’s nostril and he became a living soul the scripture is telling us that the breath is who and  what we are.  And this is from whence we came and it is where we must return. And Jesus said I came that you might have life and life abundantly. 



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