ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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The River of Consciousness

In the beginning of time, before anything physical was made, consciousness existed and out of consciousness came creation and all created beings.  That’s why all created beings have a degree of consciousness which allows all self-evolving beings to interact with their environment and each other.  Consciousness equals awareness and understanding the origin of consciousness allows us to answer the ageless question; which came first; the chicken or the egg?  In the very beginning of time before creation consciousness had no form, it was formless. Another way to understand this time period, is in the beginning before the sun, stars, moon and planets were formed all life in the known universe existed in the heavenly regions un-manifested and the process of creation was simply life evolving from un manifestation to manifestation or creation. This explains the strange scripture in the book of Genesis,   1st chapter: 1 and 24 that reads “everything was created after its own kind”.  Therefore, the one thing that we have in common with all created being on this planet and in all worlds is that all of us have a degree of consciousness.


Let us understand that our consciousness is not a stagnant phenomenon as it appears to us when we focus our consciousness in the moment but rather it flows like a river( when consciousness is not frozen due to unconsciousness).  Consciousness sometimes moves horizontally like a river, other time it moves vertically ( A1, A2, A3, & A4 etc., that is to say sometime consciousness moves deep within the surface of reality and sometimes it moves above and beyond the surface of reality that we might capture a view of reality that can never be seen as we view the surface.


Furthermore, all living being have a degree of consciousness from the very largest being to the very smallest. Moreover, all conscious beings experience  the same reality differently, some beings experience reality through sight, others through feeling, others through hearing, some being experience reality through a sense of smell and the more advanced being experience reality through intuition.  There are conscious beings that encounter reality through x-ray vision, some encounter reality through infer-red vision and still other beings experience the same reality through ultraviolet light.


On the other hand most people experience the same reality differently because each person represents a different degree of consciousness.  That’s why the old saying will always be true that, 10 people can see the same accident 10 different ways.  Therefore moving consciousness is always encountering new aspects of reality. Sometimes consciousness moves through the hot desert region expressing itself through the creatures of the desert, other times consciousness moves through the icy cold regions expressing itself through creatures of the snow, other times consciousness moves through the jungle region expressing itself through the wide variety of creatures in the jungle, still other times consciousness moves underwater where the reality of those beings appear just the opposite of creatures who live above the surface; sometime consciousness move through total darkness and sometimes it moves through the brightest light. Consciousness in an infinite degree can be found anywhere and everywhere from the rocks to living trees, one can find a degree of consciousness.


My friends, God equals universal consciousness and from consciousness we all came and into universal consciousness we shall all return.

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