ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries

The Kingdom Of God

LUKE 17, 20-21


Jesus said, “ the kingdom of God cometh not with observation; neither shall they say,  lo here! Or , lo there! for behold , the kingdom of God is within you”


The kingdom of God can be found anywhere and everywhere.  The only thing that blinds us where we are unable to see God’s kingdom is our ego, this I, Me and My consciousness If we could see our everyday lives without the presence of the ego, God’s kingdom would be clearly in our view.  The kingdom of God is like no other place.  In God’s kingdom everyone is his own king, priest and minister.  Seeing God without the ego enables us to understand why Jesus taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves.  The kingdom of God is not a physical place but a state of mind or a level of consciousness (without the presence of the ego). That’s why Jesus also taught that the kingdom of God is within you,( Luke; 17:21) My friends, whenever you focus your consciousness within the moment or the here and now, the gates of the kingdom of God will open for you.


Whenever you enjoy a good belly laugh, know that laughter comes out of the kingdom of God.  Likewise, peace, love and joy all flow to us from the kingdom of God. In fact, all virtue originated from God’s invisible kingdom that lives in all of us.  On the other hand the kingdom of God is beyond thoughts or words, that’s why the ego (I, me and my) cannot enter Into God’s Kingdom.  Trying to get the ego into God’s kingdom is like trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle, it’s just that impossible. Only an egoless state of mind can enter God’s kingdom where everybody is somebody and everything is joined together as one life and that one life is God (this is our present reality).  My dear friends the kingdom of God and God are all one and the same, also God and all of creation is one and the same.  All of physical life is a different manifestation of the one God that lives in all creation in this world and all worlds.  The kingdom of God is the very breath we are breathing.  Furthermore God’s kingdom within us provides the power that enables our heart to beat and our blood to circulate throughout our bodies.  The kingdom of God is what supplies the life and is the very life that we are now living!

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