ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries


Listen, my dear friends; if you are still thinking that the life you have is yours; then you should ask yourself, when did you create this life that you call yours? Exactly when did you blow life into anything? Genesis 2 and 7: One moment of careful consideration would reveal to you that at no time in your life did you create the life that you call yours; God did!!!


Therefore, it should be self-evident to you that this life is not yours but God’s and every time that you think that this life is yours in that very moment of thought you are literally stealing your life from God with the very thought that ”this life is mine”. This is why God sends his angel of death to us to take back from us what was always his (God). Now from our perspective when death invades our world it appears that God is taking from us, when in reality God is only reclaiming what is already his. This I, Me and My concept is our delusion not God’s. Furthermore, the life that we presently occupy is only temporally in our possession to perfect it and improve upon it since the whole purpose of life is to seek perfection that it might be able to return to its rightful owner, pure and without blemish. My dear friends, we must always remember from January to December that the life we currently occupy is not our life but God’s life. That why from God it came and ultimately to God it must return.




A Sinners Prayer


Dear Lord, help me to bring your life out of the old and into the new; 


From things that are false to things that are true. Lord helps me to carry your life from my darkness to your light and away from my wrong and into your right…


Now I am calling out to you Lord from the bottom of my heart please keep me embedded

in the thought that the life that I have is not mine but totally  yours




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