ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries

The Graveyard Digger

Every cemetery has a grave yard digger. His main job is to dig the grave for deceased bodies when they arrive at the cemetery.  The grave yard digger is also the one who must bury the remains of the deceased person once the body is laid in the ground.  My friends many of us have turned our lives into a graveyard, only this time we have buried the Lord our God. If you are an ego driven being you too are also a graveyard digger.  You see, each ego driven being has buried his God deep within his own life-his God is buried so deep that he can no longer feel or enjoy God’s divine presence nor his love, his joy , and his peace.  What makes matter worse is when each unconscious thought or action that we commit digs the hole deeper into our lives which creates an even greater distance between us and our Lord.  

On the other hand, the grave yard is generally a beautiful place.  Most cemeteries will have well manicured trees, bushes and lawns.  Furthermore, the grave yard is sometimes decorated with angelic objects that create the illusion of beauty while underneath the ground within the casket the remains are not pretty; the deceased body has rotted and is covered with millions of maggots feasting upon the remains literally tearing the body apart. The beautiful garments that the deceased was once buried in are now torn and dirty while it dissipates with the body leaving behind skeletal remains. In many ways some of our lives has become like the cemetery where we decorate our physical bodies beautifully like a well-kept cemetery, while at the same time the beautiful decorations are hiding something very ugly lying just beneath the surface of our lives.  We the living decorate our physical selves with good smelling odors to make the body more appealing.  While the inner life of the ego driven being is filed with ugliness; hatred, bitterness, loneness, fear, jealousy, and selfishness  and many other  negatives attribute’s that feed upon our bodies and our conscious like maggots feed upon a dead body.  My friends it is these negative attributes that is tearing our lives apart the same way that maggots tears a deceased body apart. Moreover, the physical remains of the deceased are Godless, abandoned by God the exact moment of the deceased person’s death leaving behind stiff hollow remains of decaying matter.  Finally, we the living have no power to raise the dead from the grave like Jesus did for his friend Lazarus, but we the living have all the power to raise up the living God hidden deep within ourselves that will lead us to the right way, the one truth and pure and everlasting life.

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