ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Such is the Nature of Things

2+2=4; 5+5=10: If you plant corn seeds corn is the product of those seeds when you plant corn seeds, apples are not the product of corn seeds.  For such is the nature of things, if you plant apple seeds and you go into the garden and grapes were produced you would be amazed.  The same way it is in our inner world, most people have thousands and thousands of thoughts every day.  When you meditate through observation we observe that we’re pretty much entertaining or thinking the same thoughts day in and day out.  Pretty much the same thought yesterday, today and if you observe the same thoughts tomorrow your behavior and your thoughts are tied together.  Most of our experiences are connected to some type of emotions or feelings which leads us to making the same choices which lead back to the same thoughts which is a vicious cycle.  This goes on pretty much all of your life, you might be doing different things in the world.  In your physical world but your internal, your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings, psychologically, your behavior is running automatically. You’re not aware of these programs running on autopilot “as you”.  Unknowingly you keep feeding the same thoughts, making the same decisions, showing the same behavior, which keep leading to the same experience (internally) the same pattern repeating these activities over and over.  These programs, functions, and behaviors run on autopilot.   You become locked into that pattern known as you, haven’t you heard people say that’s just the way I am or that’s just me.  These programs have to be transcended and if not you’re living in the past the way it used to be internally.  Regardless of what you continue to repeat out of your mouth (words like the here and now) those are only words because your actions, your pattern, your behavior is from the past.  “Again”, regardless of what you’re saying with your mouth or the philosophy that you “think” (again thoughts) you’re following it’s only make believe because in reality your actions are identical to your past (internally).  In depths this is subjective as well as objective your moodiness and your emotions are all connected to your past.  The emotions that you feel is linked to a particular thought that is connected to some “past” event or experience.  Jesus said, “Watch as well as pray”.  Watch those moods, feelings, behaviors become conscious of all your programs that you have programmed unconsciously.  Be aware that they’re running on autopilot as you watch these programs unattached.  These entanglements that we have entangled ourselves with may seem inescapable but by grace, meditation, patience, prayer, your vigilance, observation, observing these programs as you would clouds floating in the sky being unattached.  Jesus also said, “Behold I make all things new”.  Such is the nature of things!

-Johnny Warren: Prophet of the here and now

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