ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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The Mind

Philippians 2:5 - “ Let this mind be in you which was also in  Christ Jesus”


The Mind is a Universe Unto Itself..


The mind is an organic living computer that is anchored between two eternities, our past and our future. All of our experiences in this life are colored by our unconscious, conscious and our super conscious ( divine self)and at the very center of the mind is our ego.(I, ME and My) Our ego is a man-made creation that began the moment a soul is born in this world and is given a name and identity.  This ego is not only influenced by its experiences in this life but it is also shaped and formed by it experiences in many past lives.  The mind was given to us by God to serve us and to be our servant. But instead it has become our master and in some cases our God.  However, the great minds of this day and time feel that artificial intelligence is one of the major threats to future human existence. That is to say that they fear that one day our reliance on computer technology will destroy us.


But I submit to you today that human beings have already been conquered and dominated by artificial



This artificial intelligence is called the ego( I, Me and My).  This ego tells us that this is who and what we are as beings, therefore, we spend all of our time 24/7 thinking about this artificial ego, Identifying with this ego.  We spend every moment of our lives thinking that this ego is who and what we are. This ego is constantly thinking about our past and the limitless possibilities of our future.  This false entity called our ego is constantly dragging our soul through many highs and lows.  Sometimes this ego portrays itself as the villain , the hero , the victim, and the judge.  Our ego tosses us between good thoughts and bad thoughts. This process is constantly happening during our waking time and dreaming time.  While our true identity our divine nature is largely ignored by us. 


Our true nature can only be experienced in the present.


The here and now.  This is beyond thought and time.


The very life we are living is divine life because it was given to us by God. On the other hand, this false entity takes us away from God.  Every time we accept the thought that this ego is( I Me and MY)who and what we are we become estranged from God. Furthermore ,this   ego builds a wall between us and God.  When we focus our consciousness on our ego self we are weakening every aspect of our being, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Our ego self can never bring us lasting happiness because it has no connection to true reality.  The only way a soul can experience lasting happiness and personal fulfillment is in the true knowledge of who we are. This can only be experienced in the present tense the here and now.


If you really think about it laughter and joy comes only out of the experience of the here and now. It is in the here and now that God reveals itself, male and female and much more.  God is life and all of life is God, In this world and in all worlds. In this life and the next life , in time and in eternity God is in all and all life makes up parts of God. 

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