ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries

"Stop Talking To Yourself"

It was during the fall of man, that the inner dialogue or our inner conversation begin with the creation of the ego, I, me and my.  Let us understand how the ego works and how it directs its three interactive parts, I, me and my. The I component is usually the one that directs the inner conversation; the me becomes part of the conversation whenever past events are referred to in a persons life, and the my enters the conversation whenever personal prossessions are referred to. Therefore for 24/7 this inner dialogue takes place between these three superficial, artificial man-made entities called I, me and my while our divine self is largely ignored.  Furthermore this inner constant dialogue creates a wall or a barrier between our consciousness and God consciousness.  In fact, instead of us attaching our consciousness to our Godly self which is total silence we have fixed our consciousness on this inner chatter created by the I, me and my self that goes on 24/7. Its total focus is what could have been or what should have been. In other words we have become so fixated on this inner dialogue that many of us have lost the ability to turn it off when we are trying to sleep thereby creating insomnia (the inability to fall asleep)for ourselves.  Our ego (I, me and my) was meant to serve us and as a servant the ego is a beautiful entity.  Our ego is a perfect tool for dealing with our interactions within our relationships and in the world. However, instead of the ego being our servant it has become our master.  The ego as our master is the most cruel, merciless master in all of existence.  This ego is constantly dragging our consciousness to what has been to what might be 24/7. This inner conversation blinds us to the liberating truth always in front of us; this inner conversation also robs us of the peace and contentment that can only be found when our consciousness resides in the moment or in the here and now. In order for one to be in the presence of God or for one to remain in the presence of God this inner dialogue must cease. For every moment our consciousness remains in a silent state of awareness is a moment spent in fellowship with God. Moreover, one cannot reach his spiritual potential, unless this constant inner chatter ceases.  We must stop talking to ourselves so that we can hear the voice of silence which only comes from God.  This divine voice of silence speaks not to the ears but to the human heart, the voice of silence speaks not to the human mind but it speaks to the spirit, this Godly voice of silence speaks not just to you but to all creation in this world and in all worlds, Amen, Amen.



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