ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Speak on it, "In the name of Jesus"

During the six days of creation, whatever the Lord spoke on, it came into existence, and on the sixth day the Lord God spoke Man and woman into existence;  and so it was. The bible teaches us that God created man in his image and his likeness. Likeness means what it says, that man was created exactly like God which also means that man was created with the same capability and ability that God has that is why Jesus said that what so ever you ask in my name you shall receive and nothing will be impossible for those who believe, Therefore Adam and Eve, the first Man and woman that God created and all of their descendants have a direct connection to God unlike many other  creatures in the universe.


Furthermore, it was Adam and Eve, the father and mother of God chosen people who he spoke into existence, this is what makes them special.  Also, this is why the children of Adam and Eve have  the likeness and image of God, moreover , this is what makes Adam's descendants children of God and true heirs of all the wealth and power that God has, also this is what endows  the descendants of Adam with the same ability and capability that God has- the power to think things into existence and create worlds without end.  Amen, Amen.

For the past two thousand years christian believers have looked upon the power that Jesus had to speak healing and many other miracles into existence and wondered why I can't do these things? Well the reason we can't speak healing and many other miracles into existence  like Jesus did because we are too full of ourselves, I, Me and My.  This I, Me and My consciousness is what blocks the power of God from responding to our desires. In fact, this I, Me and My consciousness is the only thing that stands between us God and his unlimited power that lies deep inside of us just waiting for us to activate it,  on the other hand it is this ego self (I Me and My) that cuts us off from having the ability to use God's power to speak things into existence the way that God and Jesus did.


However, when one's consciousness is free of the ego (I, Me and My) then and only then is one's life completely empty so that his life can be filed with God and his power. Only then can one be empowered to speak anything in existence the way God did  in the 1st chapter of  the book of Genesis and the way Jesus did though out the four gospels of  the new testament. 

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