ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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I See Dead People!!!

Matthew 8:21-22 verse

Another disciple said to Jesus, ”Lord let me first bury my father, and Jesus said let the dead bury the dead.” Who are the dead that will bury the dead that Jesus is talking about?

My friends, if you believe that this life that you are now living is your life then you are already dead. Furthermore, if you believe that your life is over here and your God is somewhere else ,then again you are already dead. Let us consider this passage of scripture; and then a disciple said to Jesus, “ Lord let me first bury my father” and Jesus said let the dead bury the dead”. Let us understand what Jesus is saying when he says” Let the dead bury the dead “ people who are in search for God or people who consider

themselves lost from God are already dead. Why? Because we are very thing we are seeking, therefore being dead means to be cut off from the true knowledge

of who we are, also , being dead means being cut off from , love , peace and joy, like a dead body is cut off from life in this world. Moreover being dead means

being totally cut off from all of the promises of God.

Our ego meaning, I, Me and My self is like a grave yard where our divine nature is buried deep within ourselves, buried so deep that we no longer have access to God.

If you live your life as, I, Me and My you have literally placed your life in a casket, like a dead person.



My friends we are living in world that is full of dead people with zombie like spirits who are living a ghostlike existence. If you live your life in your ego, you are truly living a ghost like existence, that is to say appearing to be alive even though you are still dead and the only thing that can resurrect you into true life is to rid our lives from this ego( I, Me and Myself.

My friends all over the world I can see dead people who are living a ghost like existence which is a life stuck in darkness and surrounded by walls of darkness, thereby becoming a dark life without love, light (understanding) joy or peace. This is the very condition of our world today.

Therefore this web site is designed literally to raise the dead.






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