ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Space Travelers

New insights into death

Death is a launching pad, a rocket ship that hurls a soul into new worlds according to its nature, temperament and past deeds. All of us are aliens from outerspace who have traveled from one end of the universe to the other. We have lived on many different planets, galaxies and universes, we have lived in many different physical forms, sometimes on land, water, fire, ice and cold. Sometimes visible and invisible we have lived as males and females. Some of us have known worlds that are beyond sex or gender. Our ego provides the fuel for the soul's journeys through endless space travel, and through many different worlds and universes. Our ego has high jacked our lives into a construct of perpetual motion from one life to the other. How can we free ourselves from this perpetual motion, these endless incarnations and reincarnations? We have to realize First that this life does not belong to our ego but this life and all of life belongs to God. Whenever we focus consciousness on our ego, the ego is diminished or it begins to evaporate and the fuel for our endless Reincarnation becomes less and less hence the power of meditation. Consciousness or awareness an ego cannot exist within the same thought pattern. Because the ego is false and the light of consciousness is true the ego will eventually evaporate leaving nothing behind but divine essence, and ending perpetual motion or reincarnations for the soul. On the other hand until the ego is eliminated all of us are doomed to be space travelers, vagabonds and total strangers to the true purpose of life.


Words of Wisdom

Darkness is the seed of life

And light provides the nourishment for that seed

Then death comes to us as a vehicle of darkness which carries the soul to the highway of life and light

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