ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Trapped between 2 thieves, past and future, stop crucifying yourself between these 2 thieves.  The executioners, I, Me and My, the nails –the ego.  Jesus was crucified between 2 thieves. One on the right side and one on the left side. Hatred, malice, strife, anger …. And all their cousins, your focus is to much past; anxiousness, also your focus is too much future.  Worry don’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but it robs today of its joy. Observing our thoughts, feeling, behavior… unattached to them, staying conscious of this we realize that we live most of our lives unconscious from memorized beliefs, habits, behavior, perceptions, attitude; living unconscious to these memorized “ programs” that we have unconsciously  or subconsciously  programed our lives.


Most people are unconscious, acting, reacting to these programs that we have programmed; these programs are trapped energy that have been trapped in our ( body-mind) unconsciously, not being aware that we are programing , these programs, these behaviors, these attitudes , these unconscious acts, by practicing, repeating these learned behavior that manifest itself over, over and over again, just like any computer that you program.  Some of these programs come , or were learned from our parents, school, friends, religion, society; you have been practicing , rehearsing, these habits, beliefs, precepts, as yourself, over, and over again until they operate on Autopilot without you being conscious of them, it’s being done unconsciously without your conscious input, but you think its your input , but is a learned , self-running program that continue to repeat itself day in, and day out most of our lives, mentally and psychologically is nothing new just the same thoughts, emotions, feeling , that manifest themselves , all of our lives, unless we become awaken; Even then, sometime seemly things still seem the same, because you have practice and feed these beliefs, habits and precepts all of you life.  Be conscious of these programs running , these habits, learned behaviors that are running on auto pilot, this trapped energy; your observing, you’re watching unattached , these programs start to lose their power, their grip, because you are not feeding them, you are not giving them your power. Every time you get mad, or angry you are feeding it you make excuses for your behavior because you are unconscious; and this process continues to go on ,and on , stop feeding it, because when you do you continue to create this endless process of self-torture.

-Johnny Warren: Prophet of the here and now.

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