ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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The life that lives in all creatures, including the life that lives in you and I is no more than God manifesting itself on many different levels of conscious awareness at the same time. Since God lives within us and when one becomes awake from his ancient sleep, he becomes fully aware that God lives in the moment. Therefore, when ever we focus our consciousness into the moment we become one with all of life, one becomes one with God.  Also the more we focus our consciousness on the moment  the less power the superficial concept of the " I ,Me and My" ego self will have on our conscious view or vision.  Whenever we can view life without the presence of the ego only  then we can see life the way that God sees life without judgement or condemnation.   This is what we call seeing life through the eyes of oneness.  This enables one to see life the way God sees life.  This is why Jesus taught us not to judge or condemn anything in this life because judgement and condemnation can only be seen through the eyes of the ego and the ego can only see division. Not unity , not oneness!  The longer we focus our consciousness in the moment  the more our consciousness becomes one with oneness and one with Godliness. Then and only then can one see and experience life the way God intended for us to experience it; without worry or fear but perfect peace  and contentment no matter what is going on in the world. , Covid-19  or whatever 
We here at Temple of Life ministry teaches one to look at life through the eyes of oneness and then you will know that we do not live on top of the earth but deep within the earth and as our vision of oneness matures we are able to see and experience our divine or cosmic body  that  embraces not only the earth but all that you see in the sky. above you and around you.


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