ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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The ego is an artificial, superficial self-created entity that is created when our mental energy is grossly misused. This misuse of mental energy often creates the well-known entity called, I, Me and My. The divine spirit of God in which we all possess is buried within this ego like a deceased body is buried within a tomb or grave; Therein lies the root cause of human misery, moreover this is why many of us feel cut off from God, cut off from his love , His joy and His peace.  Furthermore, our feeling of isolation from God is caused by the entombment of our divine spirit.  Our divine spirit is entrapped within our ego, a world of thoughts and feelings which are all governed by the laws of physics-which states what goes up must come down.  This is what causes our lives to feel like an endless combination of up and down experiences. Moreover, whenever a spirit is encased within this ego it becomes for the spirit a literal prison, a form of bondage entrapped within a world of thoughts and feeling about itself. This ego is not only made up of thoughts and feeling from this life but our ego is also surrounded by thoughts and feeling from past lives. The ego that we now possess has been called by many names and has lived through many different lives.  That is why it is so difficult and almost impossible to get rid of this ego. Finally, the only way this ego can be confronted and defeated is with the truth (review previous lessons) that is why Jesus said: “the truth shall set you free”.



Furthermore, this ego is what blinds us from seeing the truth and experiencing our true relationship with God and his universe.  It is the understanding that we gain when we can look at life without the presence of the ego that sets us free from mental and emotional suffering and sorrow.

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