ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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What is in your future?

A Resurrection or another Reincarnation?


At the exact moment of your death what will it be for you a Resurrection or another Reincarnation?

Here is how you can know; if you are an ego driven being you are on the road that leads to another reincarnation. However, if you are an ego less being you are on the path that leads to a resurrection. What is a resurrection: the bible teaches us that after Jesus had been dead for 2 days and 2 nights, He rose from the dead on the third day.  In other words, he was resurrected from the dead. My dear friends if you could observe what happens to a dying person in the moment of their death you will find that the spirit or life force leaves the body immediately leaving a stiff and lifeless body behind. Therefore this reveals to us that the resurrection of life is an immediate experience not delayed as revealed to us in the resurrection of Jesus story.  Moreover the resurrection of any spirit means immediate reunion with God. While the long road that leads to reincarnation does not allow for immediate reunion with God but rather a rebirth in some other world in the universe or the multi-verse.  Please remember the next time you see smoke disappear in the air this is exactly what happens to a resurrected spirit. It simply disappears in thin air like steam or smoke dissolves.

On the other hand our ego which is made up of subatomic particles of thought matter that is indestructible so much that even our death does not affect the content of the ego and this is how and why the ego is able to provide the fuel for reincarnation.


Finally, the religions of the east believes that only through the process of reincarnation can a soul achieve perfection; while the religions of the Western world such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam teaches us that only through the process of resurrection can a soul achieve perfection.  However, we here at Temple of Life Ministry teaches that both concepts, the resurrection and reincarnation are both an important part of the souls eternal journey depending on the level of growth and maturity the soul is at the moment of his death.  If he is an ego driven being he will certainly be reincarnated. On the other hand if the soul is an egoless being at the moment of his death he will melt into the fire of God like ice melts into water.  This is what the process of the resurrection is all about, the souls immediate reunion with God.      

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