ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Rev. 20:13-15

And the sea gave up the dead which was in it and death and hell delivered up the dead which was in them.  And they were judged every man according to his works.  And death and hell were cast in a lake of fire (truth).  This is the second death.  And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast in a lake of fire. (truth) 


What is Hell?

Hell is a state of consciousness where a soul suffers unending pain mentally or physically with no relief of the pain in sight.  This is what Hell is, unending pain without relief also, this is what every lost soul experiences every day or at some point in their lives.

For example, the pain that comes as a result of losing a loved one can throw a person into a form of hell while he is going through the grieving process. Moreover, there are people that carry their grief or hell with them for a lifetime.  This is what we mean when we say hell is an unending pain.  My friends, the reason many feel so weak and disconnected from our almighty and all-powerful God is because our boundless consciousness is being held captive by our thought world. Furthermore, this is the reason many of us feel cut off from God because in reality we truly are because the divine consciousness that connects us to God has been placed


in a prison. The basic reality about hell is when boundless consciousness is restricted or confined the soul will experience much pain. This is exactly what our pain looks like.  Because we have placed our consciousness in the narrow confinement of our thought world centered around our ego this endeavor is what cuts us off from God and gives us the feeling of isolation from Him.  This feeling of isolation from God has its own pain that most carry our entire life and this unending pain is also another form of hell.  Therefore hell is not a place but a low state of consciousness: Hell is not eternal but is everlasting, this means that Hell will last as long as it takes each individual soul to free himself from the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Only then can a soul be free from his hell.  Notice we said his hell because every soul that is not awake is also living in his own hell, totally separate and distinct from anyone else hell.  Primarily because each one of us occupies a different place in the cosmic body of God this is where and how our individuality and our differences arrive; also this is why each of us can potentially bring new and different talents and spiritual gifts into the world.

Everything that is unique and different about each one of us even down to everyone having a different fingerprint; therefore all of our individual differences originates from the fact that each of us occupies a different place in the cosmic body of God.

Notice the writer says hell and death mainly because whenever a soul is in hell he is mentally and emotionally dead to God.



One cannot know the peace of God, the love of God, the power of God or the joy of God as long as his consciousness is a prisoner within his thought world as an ego-driven being.  This is why most times the majority of us experience more misery during our daily existence by far more than we experience Joy, Peace or Love.

The Temple of life Ministries teaches that hell is not a place but a state of consciousness located not outside of us but inside of us.  And only when we drop this ego can the doors of hell open wide for us and the kingdom of God will reach out to us and the once lost sons and daughters of God are welcomed back into the eternal Joy, Love, and Peace of God.


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