ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries

Excerpts from the teachings of one our greatest teachers: Master Oshorajneesh


               Seeing and thinking


Truth needs no thinking it needs experience. When you see the sun and the light you don’t think about it, you see it, when the fragrance comes to your nostrils you smell it you don’t have to think about it. If  I were in front of you there would no need to think about my where abouts because you could see me; whenever you are close to reality thinking is not needed, then reality is enough.  When you are far away from reality you think.  In other words we substitute thinking for reality.  Thinking is dreaming with words and dreaming is thinking with pictures.  Furthermore, dreaming is a primitive way of thinking and thinking is a more evolved way of dreaming, hence daydreaming. When humans thought with pictures, we were closest to reality, but when humans started thinking with words, that took us further away from reality or truth.



                     The Ego


The whole is one, therefore separation is not possible.  The very idea of separation creates the barrier that stands between us and God.  This idea that I am separate from God is what we call the ego and if you are an ego driven being it is impossible for you to be on a path that leads to God. Only when the ego is dropped will you be on the Godly path.  God means leaving an egoless existence, living as part of the infinite whole not as a separate entity, Even though we have been taught to see ourselves as separate entities.   


                 You are Somebody.


The fall of man is not because he disobeyed God.

The fall happened to man because he thinks he is, the fall of man took place when he began thinking himself a separate entity from God. This is foolish thinking you could not, exist without your parents, or your parents parents all the way back to Adam and Eve.  You are connected to our whole past and you are also connected to our whole future.  You may be a nobody, a plain ordinary person, but the mere fact that you exist you are leaving and making your mark on life, the whole eternal future will have a certain quality because you existed.  The whole future life would not be the same had you not existed.  If you had not been born things would have been completely different in the world and things will now be different because you are here. You may not do anything special, anything big or great, You may have just lived an ordinary life but still you would have affected the whole destiny of existence.


                      The Way


The way that leads to God has no maps, the way is not charted, the way is not such that you can follow someone’s footsteps and find it, and the way is not like a super highway. The way is more like a bird flying in the sky, it leaves no marks behind.  No one can follow the bird’s trail. So the way is pathless, it is a path but it is a pathless path, this path is not ready made, you cannot follow someone else to get there. You have to walk on the path guided only by your inner compass.  You would have to find the path in your own way. No one  else’s way is going to get you to God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna nor  Abraham's way  can get you to God because you are a unique and a totally new individual and only by walking your spiritual walk according to sound, religous, and moral principles, and only by living your entire life according to that walk will you find the way that leads to God.


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