ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries

Beware of the Egotistical Mind 

The great deception, having you to continue to believe one thing and then another. The ego then side dresses those thoughts with feeling and emotions. Don’t dwell on the past, every moment is or can be a new beginning.


If you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are depressed you are living in the past. Every moment is or can be a new beginning.   Being in the here and now is reality, that’s really the only place that’s real.  The body is always in the here and now, but you and your mind is always someplace else. 


Every Moment you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness, Worrying won’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but it will rob you of today’s joy: don’t curse the darkness Let the light in and the darkness will dissipate; not watching, not being conscious, the ego produces reptiles, boogie men in our minds. We should not be upset when people don’t like us, its not their job. This moment is not a thought; it’s the only thing that real. The here and now can’t be dissected; you can only experience it and be engulfed by it. Mind believe, Mind disbelieving, mind be for or mind be against. Most of the time it’s the culture you were brought up in that determines pretty much your belief, your opinion, sometimes making you prejudice, disbelieving, making you against any one that seems like they are attacking your belief system. You have thoughts and conclusions about everything and everyone, you have to be conscious that people are not your thoughts.  Actually, most of the time we never encounter the people that we are engaging with because We go into this engagement with pre-judgement and thoughts about the past, missing a beautiful encounter In the here and now by dragging the contamination (past thoughts) into the present. We deal with that which is already over, a dead thing like our memory, or we are dealing with that which has not happened, still a dead thing that is not yet. Never being here and now consciously.  Whenever we identify whether it’s our body, our so called race, our religion, our mind , our thoughts, the egotistical mind  builds a wall that entraps us in that dimension ( your ideology, stuff mama and daddy have told you, associates,and schools etc. )

The replay button of your mind plays these thoughts, this mess, and these prejudices over and over again as being you or you claiming these thoughts as you.  This is almost an endless trap.


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