ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries

Separating the False From the True in You

In life most people don’t want to or they are not interested in things like increasing or transforming their daily awareness.  Most people just want you to support them in there madness, all they want is some kind of pacifier (more money, and more material things is all that they seek in life).  Now there is nothing wrong with that, a person’s desire to accumulate more things to play with, the way they played with toys when they were children.  This kind of mentality is stuck in that infant adolescent stage of life; Our material possessions at best can only serve as a pacifier to divert our attention to what’s going on in our daily reality, also our material possessions only fulfill our ego and it does nothing to satisfy our spiritual needs and longing.  This is why people who acquire a lot of material things are not any happier than people who have nothing but yet in some cases poor people are happier than wealthier people. The pacifier gives a baby a false sense of fulfillment or a fleeting gratification but the child is receiving nothing of substance. Likewise our material possessions are nothing more than a pacifier which is incapable of providing lasting nourishment for our lives.  From the dust the body came and to the dust the body shall return, and it is our duty to take care of it as best we can for whatever time we are allowed to possess it; but we must always remember that this physical body is not who or what we are, but the observer inside of the body , the one who observes our thoughts inside of us is closer to our true self.  The observer inside of us who tells us in the morning that we had a dream last night while we were sleeping that part of us who never sleeps is our true self.  Here at Temple of Life Ministry we teach you a lot about that part of yourself that never sleeps.  In other words we teach you how to separate what is false in you from what is true in you.


On the other hand sometimes if you attempt to awaken a person before they are ready you may seem crazy to them.  Jesus said in John 16chp-12verse,” I have many things to say unto you but you cannot bear them now”.  Jesus also said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. So let go and let God, loosen up, let go, don’t be tense, also practice letting go and stress will dissipate.  We know not where and when our last breath will be drawn, however, the things we thought mattered in our lives will matter not; so loosen up, let go, keep your focus in the here and now, be conscious and aware of each moment of your life and don’t let the ego (I, me and My) trick you and deceive you into placing to much value on the issues involving your material life.  Be aware, be alert.


Johnny Warren, Jr., Prophet of the here and now  


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