ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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"Constipation and Diarrhea of the Mind​"

What causes constipation and diarrhea of the mind?

The ego, I, Me and My complex, however, this form of constipation and diarrhea is curable and reversible without taking any medicine. 
What’s the cure?  Simply watching your thoughts (remembering that you are much more that your thoughts about you) and the more you watch your thoughts the less power your thoughts will have over you.  So stay alert, remain aware and conscious of what you are thinking and try to make more of an effort each day to keep your mental focus in the present tense, the here and now.  Your mental constipation happens when you are stuck in negative attitude and behaviors.  Likewise when a person is physically constipated and their waste material is unable to pass and they feel stuck, many of us today are mentally stuck in the illusions that our own ego has created.  This is what keeps us immature and unable to grow psychologically and emotionally.

On the other hand, the diarrhea of the mind is the on going chattering that takes place within the mind.  Even while we are sleeping the madness continues during our dream time.  Sometimes in good dreams while turning some of our dreams into nightmares.  During these times we are flooded with thoughts like diarrhea floods one with loose bowels.
Now fear is another form of mental constipation.  Fear is a powerful tool that the ego uses against us.  But you must remember fear is just a thought, “really “  if you don’t believe a thought, If you don’t feed a thought , it will have no power over you what so ever.  Fear is only powerful if you believe; it has no power to affect your reality on its own.   Fear clothes in emotions make it seem real and powerful. If you feel something that strongly you probably will assume that thought must be meaningful.  When “you believe” that thought, “you “give it power to constipate your consciousness.  Desires come and go, they arise in the mind and many disappear.  However, when you place an emotional attachment to a story or to ideas that emotional attachment is what gives the thought fuel and fire therefore creating diarrhea of the mind; thereby creating all kinds of imaginations in us sometimes changing from mental diarrhea to mental constipation back to mental diarrhea again and on and on.  There is a way to break this vicious cycle: watch yourself, your thoughts , your feeling , your fears, your dreams, watch and remember that you are much more than your thoughts about yourself, your fears and dreams;  for these thing are just a minute part of you, for you are a child of the most high God!!!

I have said ye are Gods and all of you are children of the most high
Psalms 82:6


-John Warren: Prophet of the here and now

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