ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Are You Like The Well Frog?

Make sure your consciousness is not a dream, just going through rituals, a mental exercise, a mental fabrication; like being in the bed and dreaming that you are awake; but in reality you are still in bed, fast asleep.  Be aware, be alert, be mindful that you have to be submerged, engulfed in not thinking about the here and now, for it cannot be achieved by thinking

Because that’s mind stuff. Don’t get lost and trapped in thoughts of the past (that’s mind stuff).  Don’t get lost and trapped in the thoughts of the future that is also mind stuff.  Your prejudices, your opinions and your beliefs are nothing more than your well frog mentality.  Have you ever heard about the story regarding the well frog?  As the story goes, the well frog was in the bottom of a well; when he looked up from the bottom of the well he thought the little small part of the sky that he could see, was the entire sky, but if he would come out of the well (the well-meaning, your opinions, your beliefs, your religious experiences and your conclusions. The well frog would see, you would also see that the small part of the sky that he saw from the bottom of the well that we think we know with our small egotistical mind; the ego is like a well type view from our small limited mind is a very, very, very small minute part of existence in which he thought was all that existed. We are also trapped in that same entrapment and the same illusion.   What we thought was all,was nothing more than our bird eye view; prejudices that we hold with our distorted understanding keeps us close to the constellation, the universe, the cosmos, to all eternity making your summary, and your conclusion on a speck from eternity.  Lean neither to your understanding nor someone else understanding.  This ego lead regime clearly manifests our own well frog attitude; our ignorance that is orchestrated by the limited ego and by thinking about the past, living in the past and worrying about the future is a type of well frogness.  A thing that doesn’t go our way or the way we thought it should go; if it doesn’t fit in with your reasoning; it probably seems stupid to you.  Life is vast, life is infinite; God, the cosmos is not caught up in our egotistical ideology. So come out of your well size view of life so that you can see the entire sky of reality.

-Johnny Warren: Prophet of the here and now.

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