ego is darkness
ego is darkness
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Are You an Individual or Are You a Mad Crowd?

My dear friends if you are an ego driven being that is to say the center of your world is I, me and my, then you are not one person mentally but rather you are many people.  You are not one body with one head but rather one body with many heads.  Here is what you already know.  You are one person when you are at work, you are another person when you are at church or the temple, when you have money you are one person, when you have no money you are another person, when you are with friends you are another person, when you are with unfriendly people you are another person, when you are at home you are another person, when you are alone you are another person. When you are angry you are one person and when you are happy you are another person.

Therefore, as an ego driven being many of you are not an individual but a mad crowd.  A mad crowd because sometimes its member contradict and conflict with one another. It is no wonder that there is so much depression, mental bi-polar and mental anxiety in our world today.  How we mentally can become one person instead of our consciousness becoming prisoner to a crowd of conflicting and contradicting voices which drains away so much of our life’s energy.


Finally, we here at temple of life ministry say that   one of the ways to eliminate this multi headed egotistical monster is to “starve the beast”, that is to say focus as much of your conscious attention in the here and now the moment and each moment this will weaken this false entity called I, me and my which is the root cause of all the other heads that we carry in our lives. As we have mentioned in previous lessons this I, me and myself idea is an artificial construct created on the day of our birth when we were given a name. But we my friends are far more than our thoughts about ourselves; we are far more significant in this life, in nature and reality than the name we were given which is the very foundation of our ego system; a false entity that is at the root of all human suffering and sorrow.  The Temple of Life ministries teaches that God is one and we as his children must also be one in mind and in spirit.

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