ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries

“A look into the mind of God  on us”

If you could look into the mind of God do you wonder what you would see; plants, animals, birds, bees and the likes of you and me? 
What if you could take a deeper look far beyond his holy books: you would see knowledge beyond your understanding; 
Precepts, concepts that would be too demanding: for a mere mortal
The mind of God encompasses all of his creation, every word, thought and sensation 
The Mind of God is one with his heart and every woman and man is an important part of his plan
The divine mind looks beyond time: He can see the beginning in the ending and in the ending he sees the beginning- this is what eternity looks like
Always remember you and I are nothing more than a thought in the mind of God and a feeling in his divine heart; a feeling that tells us that we should look beyond words and thoughts in order to find God.

Temple of Life
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