ego is darkness
ego is darkness
Temple of Life Ministries
Temple of Life Ministries


By Johnny Warren, Prophet of the Here and Now

Upon waking from last night’s sleep, this was about 6:30am: my wife was gathering some of my dirty clothes from the bedroom, I asked her are you about to wash, she answered, “ something like that”, the ego responded “why you couldn’t say yes sugar; tore up about nothing. People can’t respond the way your ego think’s that they should. Some of us are tune in the AM frequency and some of us are on the FM frequency. Two different receptacles making it almost impossible to get along. It could be your race, your religion, your dogma, people have been programed, indoctrinated with all these types of beliefs; most men travel on different frequencies than women. One person was brought up this way and someone else another way. Thoughts and feeling have no value within themselves. You give them value, you give them power with your energy by your belief. For example: some people believe in the Christian value, but if you were brought up in a Hindu environment, the Christian value Have no meaning because you are not feeding those thoughts like the Christians are doing. This is true Pretty much in everything in life. You gives these thoughts and feeling power because of your value, your attachment; words are nothing but alphabets that you make into words and give meaning to them. If you think (thoughts or beliefs) strong enough, your emotions, your feelings, follow this, then you become tore up about nothing. If these alphabet’s in which you have made words, and given them meaning, don’t fit your dogma, then we become upset; but we are creating the whole things ourselves. Don’t cleave to AM frequency or FM frequency, just watch and be conscious of both, don’t feed into neither, because if you do, you will be tore up about nothing. Jesus stated,“ you strain at a Nat and swallow a camel“. We are creating the whole things by what we value. None of this stuff exist in reality only in our minds. Start watching your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, your attachments, watch unattended to this and that. Jesus said “ watch “ as well as pray, I say again “ watch “ . We give people the power to push your button; really they are not pushing your button, its you, your perception, the meaning your ego gives it; Endless nonsense. Your heart is beating, your ears are hearing, your blood is circulating without you. All these things and many other functions are being preformed without your input. So why let the ego get you all tore up about endless nonsense.

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